The United Methodist Women is an organized community of women who meet on the second Tuesday, of each month except for July and August.  Its purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship and to expand concepts or mission through participation in the Global Ministries of the church.  All meetings start with an inspirational reading and prayer.  The following agenda was set for 2013.

January – UMW officers were installed in the Sanctuary by Pastor.  First meeting discussed the upcoming meetings and programs.  With the support and generosity of the congregation, over 40 pajamas were collected, delivered to the safe home operated by the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
February Program was devotions and pledge service to missions as well as annual memorial service for our departed sister in 2013, Ms. Marjorie Hussey.
March – Annual Breakfast was held on Saturday, March 16, 2013 for our church women, sister churches and other denominational churches.  There were approximately 50 attendees.  Opening prayer was given by Mr. Wayne Redman.  Our speakers were Ms. Susan Sungsil Kim, NY UMW President who spoke about the conference and her abroad mission work and our own Ms. Garydiane Morrison who spoke of her mission to Ghana providing supplies to one of the schools.
April – Devotional, prayer and self-denial service was led by Ms. Janice LaLumia and our guest speaker was Rev. Louise Stowe-Johnson who provided a stimulating and learning experience.  It was an afternoon of socializing and sharing with one another.
May – Church Rummage Sale – UMW assisted in the church’s annual community rummage sale by sorting, folding, item pricing as well as manning the tables on the days of the event.
June – Annual luncheon held at the Davenport Press attended by church members, family and friends.
July/August – no meetings
September – Return from summer break.  UMW discussed the upcoming October church rummage sale and its planned programs for the remainder of 2012.
October – UMW assisted in the church’s rummage sale and discussed the upcoming Christmas Fair on November 2.  Pastor Garcia was our guest speaker at our October 8, 2013 meeting and his message was inspiring and well received by the audience.  Also, during the month, the congregation rallied to the call for assistance from the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence who was badly in need of clothing for the women and children they serve.  The items were delivered and were very appreciated by the Coalition.
November – UMW Annual Christmas Fair was held on November 2 and the annual thank you tea was held on November 12.
December – On December 15, at the annual Sunday school pageant, toys will be collected for children in need and given to Long Island Council of Churches for distribution to children in the Village of Hempstead and other areas.  UMW will bake, package and deliver cookies during the Holiday Season to the sick and shut-in.  UMW annual Christmas lunch will be held at Pompei on December 17.  Last year, there were approximately 25 church members, family and friends who attended.
UMW contributes too many missions as well as its annual pledge to the District which carries out women and children’s programs around the world.
Thanks to all of the UMW officers and members for their commitment and dedication during the year.  I wish to thank the Pastor and all church members who have assisted us in carrying out many of our missions; i.e., assisting the women of the safe home and assistance during our annual Christmas Fair.